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Simplifies the customer's data analytics experience and put them back in control by offering the best tool for decision-making and innovation.

“Prediction models are built for the scale of enterprise. It enables teams to embed the process in the enterprise and to align their results with the people affected.”

“Every model built with our platform can be exposed using Public or Private RESTful APIs which provide a great deal of flexibility. It can handle multiple types of calls, return different data formats.

“Design of the platform allows us to handle complexities of business problem with least development effort and saves time and resource.”
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Calculated predictions for better decision-making and rapid innovation.

Built-In Visualization
Built-In Visualization
Combines powerful visualization components and a data-driven approach to Document Object Model manipulation.
Ease of Use
Ease of Use
The intuitive web-based interface allows anyone to interact with a very powerful platform, regardless of skill-level and machine learning experience.
Automated Machine Learning
Automated Machine Learning
Enables users to quickly and easily build ultrafast highly accurate predictive models using historical and existing data.
Built-In Analytics
Built-In Analytics
Analytic components such as Correlations, PCA, ANOVA comes with the platform which helps you to make faster models.
Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment
The best predictive models have little to no organizational value unless they are rapidly operationalized within the business.
IOT Ready
IOT Ready
Supports real-time IOT data analytics that are fully scalable and easily configurable depending on your needs.
How It Works?

How It Works?

Pre-built stacks that can be assembled to visualize data relationships, machine learning, cognitive science and artificial intelligence techniques to solve various types of problems from different horizontals & verticals.

Ingest the Dataset

Ingest the different types of data sources through our integration service

Feature Engineering

Selecting, manipulating, and transforming raw data into features.

Select Prediction Target

Select the prediction target from a list of categories in the drop-down.

Model Evaluation

PredictEasy analyzes and evaluates your score from the selected data.

Model Deployed

Operationalize your trained model to fulfill its intended business use case

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Realtime interface to input model data and view predictions, features, and rationale behind the data.

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Build the most influential models with great interactive & engaging visual outputs for the customer.


Visual Storytelling!

The tool helps you to process the input data into visual, interactive stories depending on the customer's requirements.

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